About Ganja Inc

Ganja Inc., is a privately help company until it meets the requirements of the JSE to go Public. It Invest, Builds, License and Operate in Recreational and Medical brands across the US, Jamaica and Ibiza as Ganja legalizes while keeping the philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. We are very much brand and product focused.

Ganja & Hemp

has an ancient history of pharmaceutical and ritual uses in China and India dating back to the 5th to 2nd century BCE, and have over 50,000 uses that have not been developed due to the laws that have been changing.
Ganja Inc. is Currently focusing on the following industrial
segments and will continue to emerge as the Industry grows:
  • Medical & Recreational Dispensaries
  • Medical & Recreational Infused Products
    Edibles, Concentrates, Tinctures, and Elixirs
  • Research & Product Development
  • Sustainable Hemp Agriculture
    Food, Textiles, Paper and Building Materials
  • Licensing Opportunities
Each business is a part of the ecosystem that structures Ganja Inc.
Complimenting each other within the group.

    About Flower

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  • About Ganja Labs

    Ganja Lab Research & Grow Facility at the University of Technology. The Lab has identified a wide-spread deficiency all Cannabis Testing Laboratories are facing in the Cannabis testing industry, namely accuracy and consistency of test results. Ganja Lab will enter the market and will help to solve this problem with unmatched reliability in test results, which has resulted in best in class quality control testing ...
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    About  Extracts

  • Balram VaswaniBalram Vaswani
    Chairman & Chief Ganja Officer
  • Brandon BurnhamBrandon Burnham
  • Joseph HusakJoseph Husak
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Chris PastoreChris Pastore
    Master Grower
  • Nicholas TandemNicholas Tandem
    Director & CEO of MIP
  • Ricardo CameraRicardo Camera
    Creative Director
  • Dr. Andrew RalphDr. Andrew Ralph
    Retail Manager
  • Tara LittleTara Little
    Inventory Manager

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If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change. - Buddha
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Ganja Inc.
Ganja Inc.
Ganja Inc. Ganja Inc.